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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 15, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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hot thriller for free. tune too my radio show coast-to-coast. and sign up for the daily fix at lots of cool stuff in there. i'm in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we are always looking out for you. have a good weekend. >> sean: welcome to "thanny." tonight is part two of my interview with donald trump. who has been making headlines for the controversial rebukes he has issued president obama. that's where we again. a lot has been made over the birth certificate issue. you apparently, you have said in previous interviews that you have a team of investigators in hawaii now looking into it. >> correct. >> sean: it has a lot of press.
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everyone is asking you about it. what have you come up with? >> i don't want to say that now. it is going to be interesting. i will say this, i don't love this issue. i'd much rather be talking about how china is ripping us off, opec. that's what i'm good at. i understand it. i can do such a great job. but, this issue came up six weeks ago. i've heard about it for years. but i never thought too much about it. i assumed he was born in this country. six weeks ago i started really looking into it. he has a certificate of live birth. by the way, despite what certain liberal process that's not a birth certificate. it is a big step lower in some places you can get married or get a driver's license with a certificate of live birth. i say to myself -- >> sean: only has a stamp, no signature. >> it has a stamped signature. i have my birth certificate. i think i'm going to bring it down to boca raton this weekend. it's stamps three different
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signatures, everything is official. you have to see this thing. a certificate of live birth is not appropriate. i say why? simple questions: why doesn't he show his birth certificate, number one. they say it is sealed. if it is a person you can release. i sent to new york for my birth certificate. they got on the phone they said mr. trump you have to give me your social security number. you have to prove it is you. i went through a big thing. okay, but we they figured out it was me, they sent it to me. i had to pay $38 and they sent me my birth certificate. i say why did he million on trying to day away from this issue? why doesn't he give his birth certificate? >> sean: the one thing on his side they have these announcements in the newspaper, eight days after. >> eight days later. he's got a grandmother in kenya who say he was in kenya
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at the hospital. then there was bedlam, i don't mean like a little, because he was close to becoming president. there were a lot of people in that room he was talking to a reporter with a lot of obama handlers. they had the grandmother she said kenya. 51 seconds later, he asked the question again. you hear people, no, no hawaii! okay, give me a break. now, the other one was eight, nine days later from the reported birth date. you don't know fit was the reported. they could have come from kenya or some place -- >> sean: the issue would go away in a minute. >> why did he millions on trying to stay away from the issue? either he wind born in the country or he doesn't have a birth certificate that -- or there is something on the birth certificate that he doesn't want people to -- >> sean: what do you think that could be? >> i don't know.
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maybe it says he's muslim. which wouldn't bother me. if it is that -- if it is it. >> sean: he went to a muslim school in indonesia. he talks about studying the core ram. talking about one of the most times is sunset. >> he was born barry, i heard he had terrible marks and he ends up in harvard. he wrote a book that was better than ernest hemingway the second was written by an average person. i say bill ayers wrote the book. everyone says he's a super genius and he was a great writer. bill ayers just came out recently, like obama dropped reverand wright like a dog. for 20 years he's in reverand wright's congregation. i'm protestant and i understand. he's in reverand wright's
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congregation for 20 years listening to reverand with wright spew hate white people. all of a sudden he drops him like a diagnosis. reverand wrights hates him from what i hear. the same with bill ayers. he dropped -- he was best friends. bill ayers was a super genius. a lot of people have said he wrote the book. bill ayers said he did write the book. barack obama wouldn't be president -- i wrote many best sellers and number ones, including the art of the deal. i know something about writing. the guy that wrote the first book didn't write the second. obama made a big mistake when he wrote the second book. the second book was not ernest hemingway it was 37 classes below. the first book is ernest hemingway plus. the second book was written by somebody that was much more average. how do you have average marks -- how do you have bad marks and get into harvard? >> sean: back to the issue.
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i want to talk about media coverage of obama. you are going to have full coverage of your finances, every woman that you've dated, your marriages, all that is going to come up, fair game? >> i think it is fair. my finances are great. i think when you get into social things, i just think this country has big problems. i sit down and i look at the problems of this country and i just think that we have more important things to discuss than who i dated. i have unbelievable great relationships with a lot of people and i have a great relationship with my wife. but, we really -- that's the problem with this process. in china, they pick the meanest, toughest, smartest guy. ruthless. and he's our negotiator. in this country we pick a guy that has never had a problem. never done anything many look at obama. obama had bad marks and he
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gets into harvard. he want a good student. he wasn't a genius. he had bad marks. it is a big story. everyone says how did he get into harvard, columbia? he doesn't release his marks. nobody knows his marks. everybody said his marks were lousy, yet he gets into harvard. this guy really is leading a charmed life. somebody said what is his biggest asset? he is luckily politically. he led a charmed life. the media is letting him get away with it. example, a better example, tony rezko, if you did tony rezko, you would be in jail. >> sean: i believe it. >> tony rezko is his mentor. was his big political contributor. there's another guy he dropped like a hot rock. you got reverand wright, bill ayers, tony rezko.
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he drops these guys and the press leaves him alone. he buys a house rezko who is in jail, a mobster, buys the lot next to him. i'm a great real estate guy. i made a lot of money, you will see maybe. you will be very impressed with my numbers i'm a really good real estate guy. he buys the lot next door. obama wants to expand his house. rezko sells him a little chunk of that lot at from what i can see market value. >> sean: rendering his lot unbuildable. >> rendering rezko's lot -- mr. schwartz guess up to buy the house next door. where is the back of my lot, i don't want to buy this lot. rezko, gives him a piece under market and more importantly, destroys the value of the lot he has. now, when i heard that, i said oh, that's the end of his campaign he's out.
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if it was you, me or anybody else. here's a guy, did one deal in his entire life and it was tony rezko. that's the only deal he has ever done. it is amazing how nothing happened. it is pretty amazing how rezko, is in jail now and he never ratted out obama. >> sean: coming up much more of my interview with donald trump. believe it or not he was just getting started. that -- speaking of obama's radical friends from the past. bill ayers in the spotlight. once again we'll play you his shout down with radio talk show host larry elder and get larry's reaction, coming up.
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>> sean: welcome back. we continue now with the final installment of my interview with donald trump. i spent more time than anybody in the media on the issue of reverend wright and bill ayers. he was asked one question, he's a guy in the neighborhood. we discovered he started his political career in bill ayers house. he gave speeches with him and sat onboards with him. >> acted like he hardly knew him. >> sean: his answer is he is some guy in the neighborhood. on 9/11 of all days he had that in "the new york times." media ignores it. reverend wright i was
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fortified by him he rode around listening to tapes of him. he's like family to me. of course ego thrown under the bus. there's a picture in that church magazine -- >> both of these guys hate obama because he dropped them. there's one thing, i'm like a loyalist. i have people that -- i try to be loyal. he's a very disloyal guy. he could have stuck by reverend wright and he could have gotten away with it. >> sean: how? >> gee, i like the guy he differs from me. he would have done something. he dropped him like a rock. reverend wright supposedly is incensed right now. who cares? bill ayers, bad guy but brilliant guy. i'd love to find out who wrote that book. without that book he's not president. that pwaobl was so brilliant. he became president because the book was so great everyone said look at this guy. >> sean: if donald trump was
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hanging out with mobsters, and doing real estate deals wouldn't your associates matter if terms of people's perceptions of you before you become president? >> the tony rezko thing is the thing i least understand. if you did the deal, if i did the deal, if anybody did that deal. we would at a minimum not be in office and probably be behind bars. >> sean: if you and your wife -- your wife was on a magazine cover with mrs. farrakhan who i think is a vicious anti-semite and racist, which michelle obama was on a cover with mrs. farrakhan. he lives two blocks from obama, within the radical community in chicago. is that a legitimate question, did you ever meet him? do you know him? would that have an impact on the american people? >> i think it would. a couple of people covered it. >> sean: he won't come on this show. >> most of them don't cover it. and it amazes me. it amazes me the free ride he gets.
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as an example, when i talk about the birther issue it is not my favorite issue, believe me. when i talk about it, i have some reporters you can see they are visibly angry for bringing it up. there's a real question. i told you before, when i first started i assumed he was here. now, i have a real doubt. so they should have a real doubt too. they protect him. they are protecting obama tony rezko, why aren't they out there looking into that matter? >> sean: i did. we got a lot of heat during the election process. we brought up all of these questions. >> they never gave rezko a chance to rat him out. anybody else, they let him rat out. >> sean: they would have had woodward and stein there everyday. >> if i'm a reporter, i want to be bob woodward. you can have bob woodward. if they
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they will go through every deal. there's a typo therefore, trump did something wrong. it is terrible. i've always heard a very successful person cannot run for political officers. i understand it. but the country is in such bad shape that i feel i have an obligation. >> sean: and you are willing to open up the books? >> i'm going to do a financial disclosure, assuming i run.
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i'm going to do a financial disclosure. by the way, the papers submitted to me are not big enough. >> sean: donald trump, appreciate your time. >> i love your show. >> sean: thank you. coming up actor and bob beckel's brother is here to talk about his new film that hits theaters today. first, bill ayers is back. you won't believe the outrageous comments he made this week in a radio interview. we have clips and reaction from radio talk show host larry elder, next. i have asthma. and when my symptoms came back
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>> sean: retired university of illinois professor and unrepentant terrorist bill ayers is back. he joined larry elder on his show yesterday for an epic interview. things got heated to say the least. >> what do you think about the fact that i think you're a terrorist? you are a degenerate. you want to an apologize for what you've done. >> that is your opinion that's fine it didn't affect me one way or another
9:23 pm
>> sean: joining me the man who kobded -- who conducted that interview. the one and only larry -- larry i'm so jealous.
9:24 pm
that was great radio. great stuff. how did you get him? >> i have no idea why he came on. my producer called him and said would you like to come on the larry elder show? ayers said sure. when the producer said that i said does he know who i am? i said i don't think he does. i said he won't come on. 15 minutes before the interview ayers sends an e-mail and says what does he want to talk about? i said tell him i want to talk about his book, his attempt to blow up buildings and his relationship with barack obama and whether he wrote barack obama first book. tell him that he won't come on. >> sean: what did he say about the book? >> we never got to it. you her the interview. we told him all that stuff, ayers says okay. he's amazing. 40 years, he's walked around, made a living, tenured
9:25 pm
professor at a government university. the irony so thick you can cut it with a knife. he's retired now on a pension. and has never said i'm sorry, never said i was wrong. astounding. >> sean: i got to give you a lot of credit. this was so frustrating to me during the campaign. if you bomb the pentagon. if you bomb the capitol, new york city police headquarters. and you're not sorry. he wrote he wasn't sorry on 9/11, 2001. as far as i know you are the only within to have had the opportunity to confront him or the to confront him this way. >> well, on september 11th, 2001, he was interviewed by "the new york times", front page story. he did not do anything differently than those 19 terrorists did on that day by taking planes and running them into government buildings and
9:26 pm
crash in pennsylvania. they had a beef with american foreign policy. they resorted to terrorism. he had a beef with the vietnam war and he resorted to terrorism. there was no difference with what he did and the hijackers did. >> sean: barack obama was asked once during the campaign. he started his political career in bill ayers house. he sat onboards with him. gave speeches with him. when asked the one time his answer was he's a guy in the neighborhood. let me play the segment where you talk about the vietnam war and him trying to explain away why he planted bombs in america.
9:27 pm
>> sean: they came within seconds in the capitol of killing young people and a family. also, part of the weather underground members building bombs were kill. what does this tell you about barack obama? what does it tell you about the media? >> it says a lot about barack obama, the media and bill ayers. frankly, we ought to deck a little bit of our ire toward john mccain. he has refused to deal with this as an issue. we it was coming from his mouth he said something about i don't care about an old washed up terrorist or something like that. as opposed to making it a
9:28 pm
legitimate issue. the larger issue is the path the pass that barack obama has gotten. not just that stuff. he gave tax cuts to 95% of american people. 30% don't pay any taxes. how give somebody like that a tax cut. the stimulus bill he said he was going to save or create 3.5 million jobs. he hadn't. he is still getting a pass by the mainstream media. >> sean: when i was doing the ayers and reverend wright and rezko stuff, i can't tell you how many people said hannity you are going over-the-top. then said you may have been right. let me play one more cut this is a really important interview larry that you did for a lot of reasons. he's still unrepentant. i still want these questions answered. i want to know if he was friends with louis farrakhan. shabazz said when you sat at his table and mrs. farrakhan
9:29 pm
and mrs. obama on the front page of a magazine together. >> sean: he's a terrorist. he's unrepentant you that out of him in this interview.
9:30 pm
he's barack obama's friend. barack obama gave speeches with him. sat onboards with him. barack obama starts his political campaign in this man's house. nobody cares. we're nuts. >> notice how ayers refered to it as vandalism. like he was a graffiti artist, gang banger marking turf. incredible. >> sean: when you put ayers, wright, rezko together. people asked why do you think donald trump is doing so well in the polls? you know why? because he's fighting. he's talking about things that we're told we can't talk about. i say that's why he's doing so well many people are saying amen, somebody is saying it. >> look, the birther thing, i think donald trump has raised some interesting questions. the people that believe obama wasn't born here are not going to vote for him any way. the larger question is the pass that barack obama has gotten. he has gotten better publicity,
9:31 pm
fewer hard questions. more softball questions than any presidential candidate i have ever seen. if the media has anything to do about it, they will reelect him. i remember when chris matthews said as a journalist it is my job to make sure he succeeds. that's how they feel. >> sean: thrill up his leg the whole time. i think he was probably born in the united states. but the idea, just produce the stupid thing and move on. i find the whole way they've handled it is odd. larry elder, great stuff this is an important interview. appreciate you taking time. >> hear the whole interview on >> sean: i recommend everyone go there and listen to it. thank you. our great, great american panel is next. host: could switching to geico real save you 15% or more
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>> sean: he was a senior policy adviser and chief speechwriter for jeb bush. justin sayfie is here. journalist judith miller is back. he's the former mayor of the city of providence hosts his own show, author of a ter riff book. i love the book. it is a great book. vincent buddy cianci is with us. this, i know people are going to say hannity, stop. i can't help myself. it drives me insane. we just had larry elder interview the unrepentant terrorist. guy bombs the pentagon, capitol, new york city police headquarters. barack obama starts his career in his house. barack obama sits on multiple boards with him. barack obama gives multiple
9:37 pm
speeches with the guy. is asked one time during the campaign who is bill ayers? right wingnut job hannity is talking about him. he's just a guy in the neighborhood. and ego away with that pathetic answer. >> you talk about the relationship with reverend wright, rezko. it is a matter of what the press wants to concentrate on. anybody who says the press is not bias is wrong. they didn't want to concentrate on those issues because they would have been hurtful to obama anybody who saw that interview that elders did with ayers could be shocked. >> sean: he had said this, 9/11, 2001 he said he was unrepent dent -- unrepentant about these bombings. >> he engaged in a little vandalism. this is not vandalism. on the other hand, come on, barack obama severed his relationship with these people. he left the church. >> sean: wait a minute. he left when he had -- he's
9:38 pm
like family to me. he listened to tapes. i'm fortified by reverend wright, i can no longer disown him than the black community. >> and then he did. that tells you something about barack obama. >> sean: that's a loyal friend. >> that he won't stand by you. these are people that were instrumental in his life that he was friends with. when they became too much trouble, too heavy, he dropped 'em. >> sean: i've had it. i'm not going to let in go, i don't care what the white house wants. another glimpse into the real barack obama. remember this from the campaign? san francisco fundraiser, limousine learjet liberals, he didn't think he was being taped. here's weigh said. -- here's what he said.
9:39 pm
>> sean: bitter americans in pennsylvania clinging to guns and religion. caught off mic again one day ago. >> sean: you know what i find about in -- what do you think? >> i think he's better off mic than on mic. at least you get inside him.
9:40 pm
you can find out what he's really thinking. they ought to take the teleprompter away and we can understand what he's really thinking. >> sean: i'm one of those bitter people clinging to my bible and gun. >> all this democratic president did is tell you that now you can take your gun into a national park. i don't think that barack obama has been courageous on the issue of gun control. i think comments like that scared him. i like him when he shows passion, which he almost never does. >> what i find so re ing is a window into his true thought process. he didn't have a teleprompter. -- we are getting to hear what he really thinks what is really interesting is that congressman ryan has rattled the president of the united states. this is the second time this week that paul ryan has gotten into barack obama's head, president obama's head and it says a lot about what causes that. >> sean: the most amazing thing that happened this week, republicans want old people to die. republicans don't want to take
9:41 pm
care of kids with autism. they don't want to take care of kids with down syndrome. he got away with this. the media didn't again confront him. i contend judith, liberal, -- >> independent. >> sean: i contend that if anybody knew the real barack obama is the friend with wright, ayers. maybe not support the terrorism, but the friend of radicals. if he ever revealed who he really was it would shock the conscience and soul of this country. am i right or wrong? >> i can't disagree with you. i think he's got a real past. >> i think he's a politician and that's what -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: afraid to expose his real self. >> when we get him off mic and scripted he's criticizing americans and republicans but never people in other countries trying to undermine america like castro, chavez or
9:42 pm
kim jong il. >> sean: all right, greta what color cards do you have tonight? look at the blue out if i, i like it. >> greta: there's a lot going on around the country. karl rove is here. one of my colleagues gave me this report and i'm reading it and it will unglue you. it is stunning. we'll talk about it tonight. i give up. when you hear this -- >> sean: you can't give up you have a job to do in 18 minutes. i don't want to hear this giving up stuff. >> greta: when you hear what is in this report. >> sean: there's a great article on you today and you should be very proud. you should watch it. i was proud for you. >> greta: great, thank you very much. when you hear this, you will be unglued, i guarantee it. >> sean: nothing can unglue me
9:43 pm
more than bill ayers. >> greta: wait until you hear this. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have evernown. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid fm lexus. ♪
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welcome to the darker side green.
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>> sean: we continue now with our great american panel. i interviewed donald trump. the latest poll trump up 26%. 17 huckabee, 15 romney, 11 gingrich. i don't know if he's going to get in, it didn't matter. there's a reason for his popularity. i think there's a lesson for republican candidates. fight, fight! take on controversial issues. don't back down and battle. am i wrong? >> that's true. remember, trump is a brand. trump the next thing you know will be selling mattresses out of white house if he becomes president. i like donald trump. i think he's fun. he needs to grow a little ego because he doesn't have enough of it.6e i think when you interviewed him forms aren't big enough. >> sean: better than the one
9:48 pm
rezko deal that obama does. >> he's a brand, he's egotistical. which we all are.awt the fact is, he wants to be president or says he wants to be president. i'm sure it has something to do with the promotion of his tv show too. >> he wants ratings for the tv show. we'll see if he's serious. but it says a great deal about the flat of the republican earth around him. >> sean: wakeup call to the other candidates. take on obama. >> he's also an outsider. that's appealing. a personal branding machine. he's got buildings named after him in miami beach, new york, las vegas. >> sean: atlantic city. >> he's a book author, national tv celebrity. a few years ago he's selling trump steaks. >> sean: i was doubtful. after spending time with him i think he's more serious than
9:49 pm
we think. quickly chevy chase, here's what he said. >> [ inaudible ] >> it is too early to tell. he's young. maybe he has not anticipated or haven't yet anticipateed um, um -- a way to gauge what is going to be most important to be elected and to [ inaudible ] >> sean: what do you think? >> either he's putting this on to make a comeback or he's sick. >> i think donald trump could teach him a few things. >> just because you are famous doesn't mean you have something meaningful to contribute. >> sean: guys good to see you.
9:50 pm
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>> i came here today because well i met your brother and i
9:54 pm
was hoping that someone in this business still had a brain. you and your brother try to undermine me or go to the government like to destroy my best friend. >> maybe you should let me explain what happened. >> maybe you should let me finish speaking. >> sean: that was a clip from the new movie "atlas shrugged" based on ayn rand's famous novel. i sat down with him and he explained why hollywood liberals done want you to see this movie. joining us is graham beckel his brother bob beckel. this new film which is the film version of the best selling book "atlas shrugged." not only was the movie phenomenal. you were phenomenal in this movie and i'm not sucking up to you. this has become one of my favorite movies. >> thank you very much. what i liked about working on this film, it is the first time anybody who worked on the
9:55 pm
film, including all the screen actor guilds, the only time i've ever worked on a film where the hero is a businessman. where they weren't a bafoon, they weren't a villain they were the her record of the -- hero the story they were the guys who made the world worked. that was so refreshing. because we've endlessly worked on where those people are marginalized and made fun of. >> sean: it was just the opposite. the movie exposes how government and people with special agendas, those that support redistribution, have spent their entire lives demonizing the job creators the wealth creators the people that advance the human condition. this is topsy-turvey, it is just the opposite. >> yeah it is really odd. thefx portrait of the collusion between the other private interests working with the
9:56 pm
government to undermine another private entity is what is really interesting and telling about her understanding of where we were headed. >> sean: it has been a long time since i read the book. it seems extraordinary true to form to me. the other thing that struck me is the extent to which this collusion exists. and more importantly, how she almost had a crystal ball and could see the future. and i think a lot of what she was warning about is happening today, before our eyes, see that? >> it is absolutely happening before our eyes. every portion of that book, this is only the movie is only the first third of the book. the book is broken into three parts. in all portions of that book you will find things that are immediate to what the situation is today and the relationship between the individual, the company and the government. it is fascinating.
9:57 pm
>> sean: and the demonization of big business, capitalism, class warfare all the things we discuss on a regular basis. the rights to this book were held for 20 years. why didn't this movie get made sooner? >> you might ask. probably because you had a film that required studio having some faith in it. you got the businessman who is a hero, couple of business people who are heroes. that's not a big sell. they are not necessarily sympathetic characters to a general audience. i'm not going to name names, but i know certain powerful directors who could have made this happen, refused because of the politics involved. >> sean: yeah. one of the things that is interesting, this does fit your world view. i'm a conservative reagan conservative that's how i identify myself politically. you are a little bit more libertarian. >> i'm an independent and a
9:58 pm
imperialist krfr. >> sean: you despise everything about your brother's politics. >> i don't get it. i don't understand why he can't apply -- he's a pretty bright guy reason and mathematics to the problem at hand. he seeps to not think that's of any interest. that accumulating great debt for the public good. >> sean: he loves obama. >> he's in-- he's infatuated with obama. it is like many of the people in los angeles, i don't think i'm wrong in saying this, barack obama is something of a fashion accessory for their liberal identities, political identities. it is really bizarre. >> sean: i'm sure it is pure accident you are releasing this on april 15th. >> of course. >> sean: one of the concerns this is part one. if this is successful parts two and three will be made. >> correct.
9:59 pm
>> sean: yet there's resistance to get widespread distribution. why? the movie is so good. i watched it. i got a preview copy. it is phenomenal. why is there any reason given that this doesn't get widespread distribution? >> part of it is a question of time. the film was just shot last summer. the post took the fall. once you are dealing with distributors they have a schedule. so it was a rush distribution deal. what they've done is set up a website where people can go. if they are interested in having the film in their city or town they can just log on and say where it is they live. >> sean: it is -- >> atlas shrugged movie >> sean: it is phenomenal work. i wish you the best. >> thank you. >> sean: best of luck w


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